The Lagos State Chapter of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations cordially invites you and your colleagues in the public affairs, public relations, corporate communications, or brand management department to take part in the (virtual) Lagos Digital Public Relations Summit, themed: Shaping Virtual Brand Experience, holding from Wednesday 21st – Thursday 22nd, October 2020 from 10am – 4pm daily.

COVID-19 has altered the public relations practice as we use to know it. The global pandemic has radically changed the way we work, socialize, create and share information escalating crisis communications to the forefront of communicator’ skills placing purpose at the core of the messages.

Now in its fifth year, the Lagos Digital Public Relations Summit is the two-day experiential gathering of communicators focused on achieving collective intelligence to equip and capacitate communicators with high-level digital communication strategies, tactics and how-to’s so they can do their jobs better and lift their online media campaign results.

1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
2. Data Privacy and Protection for the PR Practice
3. Understanding the Role of Purpose During Crisis
4. Managing and Motivating a PR Team
5. Managing Public Sector Communications During Normal & Crisis Periods
6. Building Trust During Uncertainties
7. Understanding the Concept of Virality
8. Storytelling Strategies for Communication Managers
9. Mastering Media Planning & Budgeting Strategies
10. Fundamentals of Email Marketing

Attendees will learn, among others, practical knowledge on how to:
· Network and be inspired with marcomms colleagues
· Adapt to the fast-growing digital communication landscape
· Debate and learn from the entire media and marcomms ecosystem
· Create checklists to ensure messaging is 100% digitally optimized
· Master media planning campaigns and budgeting strategies
· Discover deploying storytelling the right way

The web offers amazing opportunities, but to be successful one needs to understand how the medium works. The Summit brings together senior and mid-level communications managers from public affairs, brands and agencies to look at the latest developments and sharpen their skill sets in the communications ecosystem.

The Lagos Digital Public Relations Summit is open to Generation X and Millennials managing information in the public sector, corporate, brand, media and non-governmental organizations to equip and expose them to contemporary techniques and glean new insights in the fast-growing digital media ecosystem for modern-day strategic communication practice.

There will be virtual lectures, discussions, simulation exercises and case studies to equip participants to drive positive impact in their organizations. Participants will earn a Certificate of Participation and the honorary Lagos Digital PR Ambassadorship.

The faculty is made up of skilled marcomms practitioners from leading digital marketing and perception management consultancies including digital business transformation, telecommunications, banking, multinational firms, blue chip companies and top-rated digital media agencies.

The standard fee is One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Naira (N120,000) per participant pre the COVID-19. However, after the government directive on social distancing to manage the pandemic, the fee for this edition is Sixty Thousand Naira (N60,000). There is a discount of Ten Thousand Naira (N10,000) for payments received before close of business on Friday, October 9, 2020. There is also a bulk 10% discount for organizations registering more than three participants.

· Account Name: NIPR, Lagos State Chapter
· Bank Name: United Bank of Africa (UBA)
· Account NO: 1019196074

We invite you to BOOK A SEAT NOW to avail yourself and colleagues the opportunity to become better equipped and digitally savvy professionals as the internet penetration deepens.

Terms and condition apply.

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