Eniola Mayowa

Eniola Mayowa

Eniola Mayowa is the Senior Consultant and the Chief Operating Officer at StepCraft Nigeria Limited, a Consulting and Marketing Communication Firm with focus on Public Relations, Branding and Book Publishing. She has been in Public Relations practice for almost two decades after a brief stint in Journalism @ the Feature Department of the Daily Times of Nigeria in 1992.


Upon completion of her Youth service as Information Officer with the Agege Local Government, she began her journey into the world of Public Relations with JSP Corporate Communication, a leading Public Relations firm based in Lagos. From JSP, she moved to Corporate & Financial now known as C&F Porter Novelli, another leading PR firm also in Lagos.


In the course of her career progression, she has enjoyed the privilege of managing global and leading brands in Nigeria. Her experience in Public Relations spans Multinational, FCMG, Telecommunication, Banking & Finance, Health, ICT, Professional bodies, NGOs etc.


Eniola Mayowa has a Diploma in Journalism, a bachelor’s Degree in mass communication and Master’s Degree in the same discipline from the University of Lagos. Eniola has had the opportunity to serve the Lagos Chapter of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) as a Member/Secretary of the Electoral Committee and as the Vice-Chairman, Lagos Chapter of the National Annual General Meeting (AGM) Planning Committee respectively. She is a proud MEMBER of NIPR.


She enjoys volunteering service and spending time with her family.